The 4 Pillars Of Our Online Strategies

  1. Online Presence – anywhere where your clients or customers might find you. Your website of course but also your Facebook & Twitter business pages.
  2. Marketing – making sure your message and/or offer gets seen by as many of your target audience as possible.
  3. Conversion & Optimization – working on the website, offer and message to persuade them to take an action like a phone call
  4. Client Management – sell more to the clients you have and try to keep them as long as possible


In our opinion every business should be using some form of online paid advertising no matter the budget. It is a guaranteed, automated stream of qualified prospects delivered to your website every day. A good first step to a system.


Your website should be the center of all of your marketing efforts. THE biggest mistake we see is that businesses tend to ignore the website once it has been launched. Make sure that you have a website plan. Be aware of the statistics.


Inbound Marketing means using content to attract customers and prospects TO you rather than going OUT and interrupting them with advertising. Improve your branding, market positioning and your authority in your industry.