DIGITAL Marketing Systems For Small Business

What Is A Digital Marketing System?

To make sure you get phone calls, web form submissions and sales leads you need a Digital Marketing System. A system that coordinates your website, marketing, and your analytics to ensure you get the results you expect. In today’s powerful but complex online world you need more than a nice looking website to grow your business. 

As described below, you need an optimized website, qualified traffic to your website and a method to measure your results.

Think “Marketing System” if you want to maximize your Return On Investment. Each absolutely needs the other or your results will be disappointing if you do not use all three parts.

The Three Parts To A System That Will Work

1. A Web Design That Encourages Action From The Visitor

A simple and professional website that puts the phone number and a “contact us” button or form right up front will get you more business. If you can do it… make an offer. Give the visitor a compelling reason to contact you.

Of course not every business can make an offer…. Lawyers, New Home Developers etc. aren’t about to offer any kind of discount or special on their website but they can give the visitor a really good reason to call or fill out a form to get something in return. Perhaps a guide or a free consultation for example. Be creative but DON’T just provide “information” and tell people how long you’ve been in business.

Our goals is to get you new clients. We need to give them a reason to contact you.

2. Digital Marketing That Produces A Consistent & Reliable Stream Of Website Visitors

We have been working with small businesses now for over a decade and the number one problem most of them have with their website is… nobody sees it or even know its there.

If there is ONE problem we must solve its how to get more visitors to your website. Not just any visitors but people who are looking to buy what you are selling.

We accomplish this by buying traffic from Google, Bing and Facebook, improving your search engine visibility every month by adding content and distributing it through Social Media and utilizing an Email campaign if you have an existing list.

We guarantee qualified website visitors to your website every single day.

3. Tracking & Adjustments To Optimize Conversions

We track everything. It’s important to know which source of traffic is getting us the best leads. By utilizing a sophisticated tracking system we know which of our campaigns are working and providing a good return on our investment and which are not.
We don’t engage in any kind of marketing activity if we can’t track its effectiveness. Some businesses can get good leads from Facebook while others get almost all their leads from search engines.

By tracking everything we soon know what works best for you.


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