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Hello, my name is David Neale and I’d like to help your company get more clients or customers.

I’ve been working with small businesses for a long time and both my clients and I have had some great victories. As fascinating and varied as this journey has been the changes and possibilities that exist today are greater than ever before.

I believe in three basic foundational elements for small business online success.

Your Website – it must be fast loading, professional looking, easy to navigate and should encourage the visitor to take some kind of action.

Consistent¬†Traffic¬†– If your not getting a decent amount of daily visits to your website by people who are interested in what you are selling you are pretty well dead in the water. You get no phone calls or form fills and we can’t test anything.

Measure Everything – In today’s marketing world there is no excuse not to know what is working and what is just burning money. We like to think we take a scientific approach to everything. Facts are facts. We only care about what we can prove works.

My Philosophy On All Things Internet

  • I believe in automating everything that is practical
  • Social Media can work well for SOME businesses
  • We have to get used to paying for traffic to our websites
  • Email marketing is still a powerful strategy
  • Producing content is simply a fact of life in business today
  • Bing is more relevant than most people think
  • SEO should be based on tests NOT advice from “experts”
  • WordPress is right for most clients but not EVERY client
  • Not every business wants to use their website to get leads
  • If possible… BE EVERYWHERE (Social, Email, Search etc.)
  • Every business owner should know the lifetime value of a client
  • Every business owner should know the cost to get a good lead and customer
  • Your website should load as fast as is possible… speed is crucial today