Every modern online business coach from Dan Kennedy to Seth Godin will tell Small Business Owners not to waste marketing dollars on “Branding”. That you only invest money in advertising that results in phone calls, sales or form submissions.

Branding is for giants like Nike and Ford, your dollars are best spent elsewhere.

They are wrong.

What they really mean is that “EXPENSIVE” Branding is wrong for you NOT branding itself.

For example, if you could get your online banners containing your logo and Unique Selling Proposition seen by thousands and thousands of potential customers for $50 would the marketing experts still suggest that you are wasting your money?

I doubt it.

Branding and visibility still has great value and with services like Google’s’ Display Network and Facebook PPC it is entirely possible to have your brand viewed by thousands, even tens of thousands for a very small amount of money.

And by using “Remarketing” you can display those ads to a very interested audience. The video below explains remarketing on the Google Display Network but this can also be done for Facebook users.

Having your brand viewed by your marketplace rather than your competitors IS a good thing as long as it is very cheap. Wouldn’t you agree Dan? Seth?

Branding is far from dead for small business. Long live Branding!