There really is no free lunch. Just building a great website guarantees you nothing. The Internet isn’t a mall… you built it and they may very well never come. So what’s a business owner to do?

Well first let’s just realize how this works. The website is only one of the three things that you need to spend time (and probably money) looking into. This is how businesses succeed online;

  1. Make On Offer (your website in many cases)
  2. Present That Offer To Prospective Customers (get traffic to your website)
  3. Measure & Track The Results & Keep AdJusting For Improvement (lead generation and cost per lead)

Your Website Is Your Offer

Your website is a type of offer… you may not literally be making an obvious “offer” (though some businesses can) but the site itself is presenting who your company is and what it can do for that prospect.

When a prospect arrives at your site it must be very clear what you do and how you can solve his problem. Your products or service should be clearly described and highlighted right from the start. Don’t make your visitor work hard to find what he’s looking for.

It should be easy for him to communicate with you in several ways, by email, by submitting a form, by telephone and possibly by text chat or text message. Make it easy.